What Do Green Vegetables do for You? Author and Researcher: Angel Lyn Horner, AP,DOM

Green vegetables are extremely valuable in the everyday diet. They contain a high mineral content, even more so if organically grown. They contain Chlorophyll which is the “Blood” of the plant.  They are full of vitamins, carotenoids, (  plant pigments that play a important part of the health of the plant and provide protective  health benefits as well) flavonoids( diverse group of phytochemicals from plants, they are powerful antioxidants, with immune and anti inflammatory benefits. Diets rich in these have been shown to help prevent cancer, neurodegenerative, and cardiovascular prevention.)

Some benefits of consuming these foods are:

Balancing of blood pressure,  hormones, nervous system, heart rate, cholesterol, and electrolytes. Help with insulin balance and the inflammation and repair processes in the body. Very important to the lymphatic system and waste removal processes in the body. No wonder mom always told us to eat our vegetables!  Never underestimate what wholefood and traditional foods can do for you.

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