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Countryside Acupuncture
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 20 reviews
 by Sue Harriss

I can not rave about Dr Horner enough, but I’ll give it a try. I went to see her after chemo and radiation had ravaged my body. My eczema was completely debilitating. Dr Horner did a Bio magnetic balancing on me and DRIVING HOME I could start to feel a subtle difference. Within days my eczema started improving. Within a few weeks my whole body had cleared up! Mind you, this has been a lifelong problem that has always kept me in distress.
During the sessions, I felt so relaxed it was amazing. When she was done, I felt so different! Sort of … more grounded and so relaxed, but also energized and clear. I am forever grateful … and will continue to see Dr Horner as I continue healing from breast cancer.
She is truly a gifted practitioner.

Thank you Susan, I am so glad you are feeling better!

 by Terry Lawson

I have been treated by Dr Horner on several occasions and found her to be very knowledgeable, a listener and helpful with my complaint.I strongly you recommend her clinic

Thank you so much Terry for your very kind words, I always try to listen intently to my patients, so I will be able to help them as much as I can. Thank You.

 by Joanne

I visited Angel in May 2018 with a sore shoulder and she not only relieved the pain but gave me a CD on eating healthier to help stop inflammation. I have followed the program illustrated on the CD and in 3 months time have lost 22 lbs, am sleeping better and have loads more energy. Thank you Angel.

Thank you Joanne! Keep up the good progress!!

 by Hugh and Julie

Angel at Countryside Acupuncture is excellent and very knowledgeable In Chinese Medicine. Her care is comprehensive which includes dietary recommendations to achieve whole body wellness. Derek is wonderful as he makes sure we are comfortably by providing a cup of hot tea and an English biscuit as we sit for a detoxification foot bath to complete the care plan of Countryside Acupuncture.

Thanks you guys! glad you love the tea and biscuit also!!

 by Alice

I live a very busy life so going to see Angel helps me to maintain that pace. Angel has amazing hands. You can feel the positive energy in her touch. Angel listens to what I am saying and always meets my needs to help me be better. Angel doesn't hesitate to get the books out and research if a question comes up or to look up a certain protocol. I have learned so much about myself and my body to better take care of it. Thank you Angel for being so amazing and the help is always entertaining. We are family...thanks Angel and Derek...Cheerio

Alice you are too much! I cherish you as a patient and a friend!

 by Barb Gomez

Angel is absolutely wonderful! I have been seeing her since shortly after she opened for a chronic lung condition and I know that I would be feeling a lot worse without Angel's care. She has magically improved my breathing and I always feel better when I leave. She always does more for me than simply acupuncture. Her husband, Derek, also is wonderful - and so are his tea and biscuits. He and Angel are a perfect couple - I always feel like I've had a visit with friends whenever I go. Love you both!

Thank you Barb so much! I am so glad that TCM has changed the way you feel, and I am glad you enjoy this tea and biscuits too!

 by Denise P.

Great treatment.

Thanks Denise!

 by Ronald Day III

Wow!! Ms Angel is the most caring and knowledgeable acupuncturist I have met.I even took home paperwork for my family together with 10 of her business cards for my co-workers. A patient for life here. I have used other acupuncturists but she is truly an ANGEL.

Thanks Ron....

 by Courtney Dryden

I was in a horrible freak accident, I fell and hit my neck and head badly. I heard about Angel through a friend and gave it a shot. My Dr.'s were literally doing nothing for me. When we found this accident had also caused a huge tumor to grow in my brain, of course we shared everything; scans, all findings with her. She took her own time and found ou everything about this rare tumor and all its effects on me, all on her own. She shared all the info with us and it all made sense! None of my Dr.s did anything close to this. This way she understood more and could help me to the fullest. And she does !! I also want people to know she does whatever is necessary to to help you. Much more than just acupuncture needles. She will make sure you feel much better before you leave. The whole experience in her office is fabulous! Her husband Derek is amazing also. He is her right hand and does all office work and so much more. They are both such truly caring people. I can't tell you how many times my family has literally cried because of how kind and helpful they both are. No matter what you are dealing with, Angel will help you. I can not thank them enough for how they have helped not only me and my pain, but my family to understand whats going on. Thank you both so much.

You are very precious to us.

 by Courtney Dryden

Angel has helped me beyond what I could ever imagine. Ive come in many times, not being able to move my neck or in so much pain I was literally sick. Once I left her office I was able to move, my pain was gone. I call her magic. She is the very best at what she does. How she handles you, in any situation you maybe in is very comforting. The office environment is exceptional ! I can not say enough great things about her or my experiences there. Please see for yourself.

Thanks Courtney, your kind words mean so much.

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