Cupping Technique

Cupping is a very ancient art, and was practiced worldwide.It can be found in many cultures around the globe. It can be applied to any part of the body, yin and yang surfaces to remove damp, heat, as well as qi and blood stagnation.

Cupping affects the tissues all the way to the bone. It can cause a shift in circulation and helps on a deep level. It can be used for deep pain in the muscles, can be used on the abdomen to improve gut motility. On the thorax to improve circulation of the lungs, can be used for the common cold, pneumonia, and bronchitis.

Cupping can be done to Ren 8, (over the navel) for allergic symptoms. It has been known to remove wind, cold, pain, aspirate pus out of sores, assists in bloodletting, headache, vertigo , PMS , Bi Syndrome, allergies, Hypertension, cough, low back pain, snake bite, and painful menses. Gentle cupping on GB21, TB15, and SI13 can help reduce High Blood Pressure. It is especially good to cup the navel to remove cold, and can be felt in areas of tension by the patient where that cold has penetrated too. It can create profound change, especially if followed with Moxa.

Cupping can either be performed with glass cups and fire, or plastic suction. Fire cupping creates a vacuum inside the cup as it is applied to a persons skin. A person receiving the cupping must be told that, there may be some bruising marks, which should be kept warm and covered afterwards to avoid cold invasion. Cups may be allowed to sit, to pull out stagnation, or moved and used along with Gua Sha, moving the cups helps invigorate the channels, and move Qi, especially when applied along the Bladder channel on the back.

Cupping is wonderful for loosening the muscles, and removing tightness from the tissues. It is very good for relieving tension along the spine. It is used for pathogenic influences that reside in the Wei level (area between the skin and muscles). If you have not tried it, you should its wonderful!