What Is Qi? Author and Researcher: Angel Lyn Horner, AP,DOM

What is qi?

One translation of what qi is, means energy. It is referred to as ‘the life force’. Some call it Bio energy. The ancients observed the existence of “something’ that moved thru the meridians they mapped, especially when a point or area was stimulated, and that’s what they named “qi”. They essential idea is of a incorporeal, or subtle force. By incorporeal it means: having no material existence, so without material form or body. It extends to what we call life itself. It is a energy field in and around all living things. It is made up of Yin/Yang forces. We could call those forces of opposites working together.
Even without understanding the exact nature of qi or the energy we work with it is still possible to recognize its existence, it’s intensity can be appreciated and with acupuncture it can be directed.

Now with that being said, western science has proven our bodies are electromagnetic in nature, they use MRIs, EKGs , infrared thermography and have done this for many years. Recently Seoul National University confirmed the existence of the meridians, and call it the “primo-vascular system.” Over 50 years ago a Korean scientist claimed to map tubular structures, that were called meridians.

They believe it is a crucial part of the cardio vascular system. The Koreans have conducted studies that suggest our Acupuncture Meridian system, may channel the flow of energy using biophotons which are electromagnetic waves of light and use DNA. They did this research by actually injecting a staining dye into the meridians, and were able to see that they exist. They were able to determine that the lines did not show up at non meridian points. They used imaging and Cat scans to observe the same amp of acupuncture points the ancient Chinese energy practitioners did. The researchers found they are not confined to the skin, but are a concrete duct like system that in which the liquid flowed and aggregated in stem cells. (Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena)

It is too simple to say it is “energy or electricity”, because it is so much more with what it accomplishes. The ancients observed nature, they observed the spirals and the flow of everything around them. If you take a look at the picture of the Tao they used it as a spiral. Look at a hurricane from the satellite pictures it’s a spiral, and a very large “qi” circulation.

In modern times there is something called the “ Fibonacci sequence” , Spirals and the Golden Mean, at first it was just applied to math, but now we know that it is found spread thru out nature, as spirals in everything, just as the ancients observed. It is the growth force of qi that very precisely makes those spirals. The phi in nature in the Fibonacci sequence mimics the “chi” the ancients observed in the spirals of nature . It is the built in numbering of the cosmos.

Qi: as it is applied to our medicine:

Protection: Protects from external pathogens
Warming: Warms and cools the body
Holding: It holds your organs in place, your blood in its vessels, “governs” fluids in the body
Transformation: transforms food and air we breath into qi and blood
Transportation: governs all movement of qi thru the acupuncture meridians, prevents stagnation, promotes growth

When the qi is good a person feels strong and energetic, has a balanced immune system, good sleep and digestion, and a clear active mind.

When qi is deficient a person can feel, low energy, weak immune system, have problems with allergies or sensitivities, feel depressed, poor digestion,weight management problems, poor concentration and memory.|

By Angel Lyn Horner, AP

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  1. That was so interesting, I never knew the electromagnetic science behind qi and what it does. I just thought it was a word you played in scrabble when you couldn’t use your Q!

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