Stomach 36/ By : Author and Researcher: Angel Lyn Horner,AP,DOM

Stomach 36- Zusanli

This is a very important point. It rectifies the qi. Well, really what does that mean? Rectify means to “correct, or put something right”. It is interesting that in electrical terms it means to “convert to direct current”.  So it takes our energy flow, and corrects it, converts it back to what it needs to be to flow properly. To correct it and make it right. This point strengthens and enriches the entire body. It is said to impart lastingness and endurance into old age. Helps prevent disease and conserves one vigor and strength. Stabilizes a person and makes them feel secure. Calms and strengthens the mind.

Lets take a look at one of the most used Acupuncture points:

* It is essential for any disorder with the stomach, no matter what it is , for epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting, distention or heaviness in stomach, trapped gas, belching and hiccups. It helps people who have no appetite, or may feel hunger pains but just do not eat. 

* It helps the digestion tremendously in cases of diarrhea or dysentary, if there is a problem digesting food and nutrients and it is undigested and visible in the stool. When a person also has a overall feeling of dampness ,and their limbs feel heavy. Cold in the intestines. Helps also with abdominal swelling and pain that is hindering one from being able to urinate. Jaundice.

*It helps tonify both Blood and Qi. Is a He-Sea point and helps free stagnation and clears stagnation whether from excess worry, studying, emotions or real physical problems. Excellent for chronic illness, because it tonifies Upright Qi. (a term used to describe all the various Qi that protects from pathogens) Especially when Moxa is used to strengthen ones upright qi and resistance because it nourishes the middle Jiao which is where the nourishment of Wei or defensive Qi comes from. With Moxa one is said to be able to march 3 miles. Moxa 10 minutes per week to strengthen and improve Upright Qi. Also tonifies Lung Qi. Moxa on this point helps raise the Yang.

*Helps calm a person, can be used for mania, raving , abusive talk, anger, fear, even if one feels sad or has shockingly excessive, very bold or startling laughter.

*It helps any Stomach Channel disorder. So can also treat breast swelling, abcess and chest pain, since these occur along the Stomach channel. From The breast and Stomach Channel connection with the breast can help free stasis in masses and pain.

*Important for pain, hemiplegia, atrophy disorder, and any pain in the whole lower leg. Because it releases abundant  qi and blood it can be used to nourish the sinews of the lower leg so helps paralysis also.

It is safe to say Stomach 36 actually treats “All Diseases”.  Its really helpful for gastrointestinal discomfort of any kind, and helps a person reduce their stress level, and fatigue by helping to balance the body. It is also frequently used according to Traditional Chinese Literature and Medical Practice .  Its stimulation is believed to promote health and promote longevity.

There have been scientific studies on the use of St. 36-Zusanli, in neuroimaging studies it was shown to affect the limbic and paralimbic systems in the brain  which affect how the body responds to stress.

The limbic system is directly concerned with instinct and mood and controls basic emotions of fear anger pleasure, and also drives hunger, sex, dominance and care of offspring.  It also supports behavior, motivation, longterm memory and olfaction. (Smell) The Para-limbic helps process emotions, goal setting, motivation and self control.

This was a study on the large scale functional brain networks and how they are modulated by acupuncture. Further studies are being done to determine  and understand the long lasting effects of  acupuncture on the entire resting brain. Most studies have focused on the the neural activities that involve acute effects, while this one pays attention the sustained effects. It is very interesting to see the pictures of these areas “lighting up”.

These are the neurophysiological or  the “nervous system approach” mechanisms behind Acupuncture.

It is certainly interesting that this point was stated to be a Acupuncture point in which “ All disease can be treated” as far back as the Song Dynasty which was a era of Chinese History from 960-1279.

Study: Investigation of large-scale functional brain networks modulated by acupuncture.

Yuanyuan Fenga, Lijun Baia, Yanshuang Renb, Hu Wanga, Zhenyu Liua, Wensheng Zhanga,?, Jie Tiana,c,? 

aKey Laboratory of Complex Systems and Intelligence Science, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, China bDepartment of Radiology, Guang’anmen Hospital, Chinese Academy of Traditional medicine, Beijing 100053, China
cLife Science Research Center, School of Electronic Engineering, Xidian University, Xi’an, Shaanxi 710071, China
Received 29 January 2011; revised 7 April 2011; accepted 13 April 2011 

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