Du 20 and Sishencong/ By Author and Researcher- Angel Lyn Horner, AP, DOM

Sishencong  and Du 20

DU 20 (Bai Wei) is also called “100 Meetings” because many channels cross and meet here , located on the vertex of the head. It calms the nervous system and may be used for any nervous system disorder. Also good for dizziness, and any disorder of the stomach and conditions of prolapsed such as uterine prolapsed or prolapse of the rectum.  It can also be used to help revive consciousness with Du6, and P6.

Sishencong- also called “ Four Alert Spirit” can be used with Du 20.  These points are located 1 cun posterior, anterior and lateral to Du 20 on the cranium. Discussion of these points dates to the 10th Century. Even in that time period they were used functionally for  wind conditions such as stroke, epilepsy or dizziness. Along with Du 20 these points help calm the nervous system also. They can help lift a persons spirit if depressed,  invigorate and clear the mind for better clearer mental thinking. Treat headache and vertigo also.  One major function is they help with insomnia, especially when Moxa is used. In a study in China from 2005-2007, of 65 cases of insomnia these points showed to have obvious therapeutic effect on insomnia, and sleep disorders.  It was found that this is accomplished and partially carried out by increasing Nitric Oxide Synthases activity (a family of enzymes involved in producing nitric oxide from L-arginine)  and Nitric Oxide.  The discovery of Nitric Oxide is considered one of the most important in cardiovascular medicine. It helps modulate vascular tone, insulin production, peristalsis in digestion and is also involved in neural development. Nitric Oxide tells the arteries when to relax so therefore helps with Hypertension. It helps promote normal function of brain tissue and therefore helps with relaxation and insomnia.  These points together have shown to be of great aid in regulating sleep.

These points look like a beautiful flower on the top of the head as they do their job! Be careful the patient will fall asleep!

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